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Below you can find the newsletter archive.

When writing newsletters I include links to the things which I am talking about so the letters become a useful resource. If I have forgotten to put links on the site to things like Sidmouth Town Council Minutes or Conservation organisations you can probably find them in the newsletters. Take time to browse through them if you are not on the mailing list.

As you can see I am not constantly bombarding people with newsletters, although as things start moving quickly they may become more frequent. They all contain an unsubscribe link so it is very easy for you to tell me not to send any more!

The newsletters are listed with the most recent at the top. If you enjoy them or find them interesting then please tell people, and share Drill Hall news. Anyone who wishes to be a  new subscriber can reach me through the contact form on this site.

2017 Nov 1st Update on Council meeting

2017 October 16th Encouraging news

2017 September 28th Port Royal Consultants’ survey results

2017 September 21st Reference Group meeting tonight

2017 August 30th Addition to the website

2017 August 20th Petition, meeting, picnic

2017 July 30th Last call for survey

2017 July 17th 3Rs campaign launch + poster links

2017 July 8th last email for a time

2017 July 6th Conflict of Interest

2017 June 30th Web page available

2017 June Port Royal Consultation report

2017 June Port Royal Consultation dates

2017 May Newsletter

2017 March Newsletter

2017 February Newsletter

2017 mid January Newsletter

2016 Christmas Newsletter